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Below is a sampling of our Messages. Click the link to our youtube channel For all the latest sermons.

Is your animal tame?

May 26th GPC sermon

600,000 domino's 

June 3rd GPC sermon

Are hammer heads our friends? GPC June 9th sermon

acorn collection. gpc june 23rd sermon

"Fully Decomposed" GPC June 30th sermon

"Wheres' the joy?" GPC 7/7/19 sermon

"Cave of wonders" GPC 7/14/19 sermon

"Have your identification ready" GPC 7/21/19 sermon

7/28/19 Sermon by Robby Baxter

"Well, this is hopeless" GPC 8/4/19 Sermon

"Pressure and Release" GPC 8/11/19 Sermon

"Who was that masked man?" 8/18/19 GPC sermon

"But, there was time now!" GPC 8/25/19 sermon

"Lies, lies and more lies!" GPC 9/1/19 Sermom

"Who's in charge here?" GPC 9/8/19 sermon

"What ever happend to Donna Reed?" GPC 9/15/19 sermon

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